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Supporting the Foundation

Why is your gift important?

The Education Foundation provides private funding directly for creative and innovative programs that enhance the learning experience and encourage staff excellence. Your gift helps to ensure that Rockport Fulton ISD students will graduate with the quality career and academic tools necessary to become productive citizens.

Where do the funds go?

Every school in Rockport Fulton ISD benefits from the RFISD Education Foundation grant programs that train teachers, provide equipment, and offer new instructional experiences to students of all ages. Each year,  grant proposals are submitted to the Education Foundation and undergo an extensive review process following the grants committee guidelines. The number of grants awarded depends upon the amount of money raised through the Education Foundation’s annual fundraising events.

Rockport Fulton Education Foundation grants support a wide variety of programs and classroom needs in the RFISD system, some highlights include:
  • Funding classroom technology upgrades including Chromebooks, new projectors, and digital whiteboards.
  • Funding after-school programs for students of all ages, facilitated by the RFISD ACE Program
  • Making sure programs such as ROTC and Welding Classes are able to stay in our schools.
  • Funding to launch the new Maritime Club in partnership with the RFISD ACE Program.
How to Support
Educational Excellence Annual Fund Drive

The Foundation provides funds to support innovative academic projects and staff development activities. Since its inception, the Rockport Fulton ISD Education Foundation has awarded over one million dollars in grants to Rockport Fulton ISD teachers and schools.

Event Sponsorship

The Rockport Fulton ISD Education Foundation hosts four signature events annually. Individuals and companies are welcome to be a sponsor of any event(s). Read about our Events.

Endowment Fund Contribution

The Foundation has an Endowment Fund that ensures that it becomes self-perpetuating. Explore our Endowment Fund opportunities here.

In-Kind Donation

This would be a donation of a tangible item to be used at one of our fundraising events. Contact Us for more Information.

Tribute or Memorial Gift and Community in Art Tiles

The Tribute, Memorial, and Community in Art Tiles allow individuals to make contributions that honor or memorialize teachers, loved ones, or other special people. Contribute to our Community in Art ceramic tiles panels on the High School grounds.

Who decides how the money is spent?

The allocations committee is responsible for the solicitation, review and acceptance of proposals for projects and programs that will improve and enrich classroom education. Since its inception, the Education Foundation has awarded over one million dollars to RFISD teachers and schools.

An Endowment for the Future

The Foundation has demonstrated good governance and fiscal responsibility by building a one million dollar endowment and establishing objective growing guidelines. The endowment funds innovative education for Rockport Fulton ISD students for years to come.


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