Our Grant Programs

The quality of education provided to our children directly impacts the quality and growth of our community, our state, and our nation. Our focus, therefore, is to support programs that go beyond what public funds can provide in order to directly enhance students’ knowledge, thinking skills, and career preparation in creative, innovative ways.
Rockport Fulton Education Foundation grants support a wide variety of programs and classroom needs in the RFISD system, some highlights include:
  • Funding classroom technology upgrades including Chromebooks, new projectors, and digital whiteboards.
  • Partnered with the RFISD ACE Program to launch the Maritime Club.
  • Making sure programs such as ROTC and Welding Classes are able to stay in our schools.
  • Funding to ensure a world class culinary program is available to students.

Grant Patrol

Spring Grants are awarded directly to staff and students within the Rockport Fulton ISD by Foundation board members and representatives from the community. The Foundation’s work has been recognized by State Representatives, other foundations, corporate donors, and community members. Surprising teachers with grants to advance educational excellence…That’s what the Grant Patrol is all about!

Pirate’s Treasure Chest Grants allow teachers and principals to enhance their campuses during the year with enrichment learning opportunities that benefit the majority of their campus’ student population. Treasure Chest funds are subject to The Foundation committee’s approval and availability of funds at the time of the request.


The Aransas County ISD Education Foundation

Live Oak Learning Center
Form, Function and Flexible Seating $825.00
Presented to: Heather Lindeburg
Grant funds will provide flexible seating for students, which will help them improve their physical health and provide comfort and a freedom of choice to determine how they want to learn. Students can move their Crazy Creek Foldable chairs to any location in the room that best suits their learning environment, and they can be utilized in Live Oak’s outdoor classroom for environmental learning.

Sliding Students to Success $8,000.00
Presented to Hailey Ngo
Grant funds will provide sliding, 2-panel white boards for instructional coaches to represent different data sets that campuses and teachers collect in order to guide daily instruction. Teachers can use the data boards to structure small group instruction based on literacy and/or math needs of reach individual student.

We Love Learning Everywhere $8,000.00
Presented to Denise Poland
Research shows that animals in the educational setting provide a valuable experience for students academically, socially, and psychologically. Grant funds will create an aquarium and reptile habitat in existing display cases in the hallways that will offer creative ways to provide opportunities for our youngest learners to develop language and communication skills, enhance social and emotional regulation, compassion, enriched vocabulary and increase motivation for learning.

Rockport-Fulton Middle School
Rockport-Fulton Middle School Band $5,000.00
Presented to Andrew Welliver
Grant funds will purchase band instruments and replacement parts to enrich the middle school band program and replace instruments that are no longer usable.

Promoting Engagement in Math $4,668.00
Presented to Joy Arceneaux
Grant funds would purchase dry erase tables for math classrooms to increase student engagement in math activities and increase numerical representation assessment scores.

Put Some Art in Your Heart $7,814.00
Presented to Shannon Wilson
Grant funds will provide art students with the ability to display their art work in the RFMS hallways and in the community. The Screen flex mobile art display towers will allow teachers to demonstrate the successes and talents of RFMS students throughout the community.

Cultural Diffusion $8,000.00
Presented to Enriqueta Oyervides
Grant funds will enable the 6 th grade humanities students to gain knowledge and enrich their learning about cultural diffusion and historical events, such as World War II and its effects on society. Field trips to Goliad and the USS Lexington will provide students with opportunities to identify and describe means of cultural diffusion such as trade, travel and war.

Growing Brains With Color $6,675.00
Presented to Tanya Waddell
According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology, people who are presented with colored images perform 5 – 10 percent better on memory tests than their counterparts. Grant funds will provide a color printer, color ink and a laminating machine to create visual learning aids and preserve the materials for further use.

Pool Safety $6,200.00
Presented to Alvira Roberts
This grant will provide middle school students with swimming and water safety lessons so they feel comfortable in the water and can help themselves and others if someone is in danger.

Podcasting and YouTubing $4,000.00
Presented to Dr. Jodi Carter and Dr. C.J. Lowery
Grant funds provide basic materials to begin a podcasting and YouTubing course at the middle school.

Distance Makes the Difference $7,262.00
Presented to Taylor Dixon
Grant funds will purchase Celestron compound microscopes to help students see cell structure, blood and water organisms using an electronic light source that will bring the organisms into a closer, more detailed view; Vernier motion sensors that use ultrasound to detect movement, velocity, speed and distance; and HSL reflector telescopes to bring the Universe closer to see the electromagnetic spectrum that creates the colors of the stars and their distance in a more personal way.

College and Career Accomplishments $4,000.00
Presented to Dr. Jodi Carter
Grant funds will enable the middle school to build a 150 x 150 4-screen giant board for the cafeteria, which will promote college, career and military options for students and highlight campus efforts such as Red Ribbon
Week, Read Across America, etc.

Rockport-Fulton High School
Rockport-Fulton High School Band $5,000.00
Presented to Ryan Thornberry
Grant funds will purchase band instruments and replacement parts to enrich the high school band program and replace instruments that are no longer usable.

Origami Organelle $1,000.00
Presented to Rachael Diaz
Grant funds will provide a color printer and ink to produce 3-D paper models for Life, Earth, Anatomical and Physical sciences.

Coloring the Gaps $1,265.00
Presented to Becky Macha and Julie Manson
Grant funds will purchase a color laser printer for differentiation, scaffolding and STAAR preparation. The color printer would enable teachers to scaffold assignments in layers of colors and prepare students for interpreting graphs through tactile practice.

2023 Choral Grant $2,500.00
Presented to Naomi Zamora
Grant funds will provide music and equipment for the Rockport-Fulton High School Choir to perform with the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra in the 2023 Symphony by the Sea community concert.

MAXA $2,972.00
Presented to Jed Wilshire
Funded by Paul and Pat Lippke endowed funds
These grant funds support the Math and Science Academy robotics programs.

Health Science, The Puzzle $4,990.00
Presented to Wendy Johnson
Funded by the Ed Rachal Foundation
Grant funds would provide virtual simulation to prepare students for real world scenarios in health care. The simulation would immerse them in realistic settings so they can user their critical thinking skills and knowledge while interacting with “patients”- this program allows student to practice with virtual patients to learn how to save real lives.

Hope Squad $5,050.00
Presented to Patty Kenjura
Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program that has a direct impact on saving young lives. Grant funds will provide training for RFHS staff and students in suicide prevention, awareness and education. The program will help raise awareness of positive mental health and provide social and emotional support to RFHS students in crisis or at-risk of suicide.

Mike Guinn, Poetry Speaker $1,500.00
Presented to Jacob Sanchez
Grant funds will enable students at the high school and middle school to hear an internationally renowned poet and writer.

During the Decades $1,710.00
Presented to Michelle Brock
Grant funds will enable English II students to complete a cross-curricular research project that involves historical connections and the English classroom.

The Anchor $900.00
Presented to Michelle Brock
Grant funds will be used to create a student newspaper at RFHS. Students will design the layout, choose the stories, create the polls, perform interviews, etc. while writing in a journalistic style and working to meet deadlines.

Dance Program Start UP $2,000.00
Presented to Kayla Gladstone
Grant funds will provide equipment for a new dance program offered at the middle and high schools.

Wrestling Program Start Up $2,000.00
Presented to Mike Stovall
Grant funds will help purchase wrestling mats for a new wrestling class at the high school.

Drone Pilots Dress for Success $2,500.00
Presented to Christian Salas
Grant funds will help implement a drone pilot FAA Accreditation program at the high school to prepare students for careers in aviation upon graduation.

Maritime Pathway $682,089.00
Presented to Josh Nguyen
Funded by Texas Workforce Jet Grant
Grant funds will provide simulators for students in the Maritime Pathway to have hands-on and computer training to learn about the maritime industry.

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