2024 Shining Stars Event

The RFISD Education Foundation is proud to announce the resounding success of the Shining Stars event for
the academic year 2023-2024. Held this past Sunday, April 28th, 2024, this event highlighted the achievements
and success stories of some of our most extraordinary students. It was an opportunity to celebrate the shining
stars of our school community, their honored educators, their accomplishments, and their promising futures.

Every year, the RFISD Education Foundation brings together students, teachers, parents, and alumni to
celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students. The Shining Stars event is a testament to the hard
work and dedication of our students, who strive to excel in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. It’s a
moment to acknowledge their resilience, their passion for learning, and their commitment to making a positive
impact on our community and the world.

The Shining Stars event isn’t just about celebrating academic excellence. It’s about celebrating the whole
student — their creativity, their courage, their determination, and their tenacity. It’s about recognizing the many
ways our students shine, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage, or in service to others. It’s
about acknowledging the unique talents, skills, and contributions of each student — and about inspiring all
students to reach for the stars.

We invite the entire Rockport-Fulton community to join us in recognizing and applauding our students. We
believe that our students are our greatest asset, and we are committed to providing them with the recognition
they deserve.

At the Shining Stars event, we also had the opportunity to thank our teachers and staff for their tireless efforts
to support our students. Their dedication and commitment have played a crucial role in our student’s success,
and we are grateful for their contributions. Each Shining Star student chose an honored educator; the teacher,
coach, or staff member who had the greatest impact on their educational journey. The honored educators
each received an award in appreciation of the dedication they have shown to their students.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event; dozens of community members, parents, civic leaders,
educators, and RFISD staff were on hand to cheer on these amazing students and educators. Special thanks
to Barbie Baker with Congressman Michael Cloud’s office and Representative Todd Hunter for participating in
the event; your commitment to the future of our community is greatly appreciated. Together, we shined a light
on the achievements of our students and educators.

We are proud of our students and eager to celebrate their accomplishments. We invite you to join us in
recognizing their achievements and supporting their continued success.

Full List of this year’s Shining Stars:

Carson Bhakta
Nathan Blanford
Austin Busack
Audrey Chupe
Devon Clark
Madeleine Crabb
Alexxa Crisp
Riley Crosland
Camryn Cruzan
Zach Davis
Cristobal DeLeon
Angela Delgado
Isaiah Elizondo
Adrian Estrada
Leroy Flores
Laila Flowers
Zach Gisler
Emma Groseclose
Elizabeth Hanna
Destiny Johnson
Brianna’s Johnston
Noah Jones
Micheal Jones
Rebecca Lawing
Stormie Lewis
Lara Mace Troche
Eleanor McEuen
Joshua Miller
Evan Nguyen
Donovan Sanchez
Piper Shearer
Stehle Snyder
Brooklyn Torres
Alexandra Watson
Briggs Whatley
Kaleb White

2024 Shining Stars Event Sponsors:

Benefactors of Education
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP
Ken and Amanda Kellar
Matthew and Charissa Lynch
John and Debbie Jackson

Patrons of Education
Mike and Mary Jo Piwetz
Cecil and Pat Rousseau

Supporters of Education
Rally Credit Union
Tim and Nita Jayroe
GSM Insurors
Paulette Kluge
Kevin and Kezlee Monaco
Sheriff Bill Mills

Friends of Education
Karen Mella Realtor
Linda Erwin
John and Becky Warren
Bob and Kathryn Albin
David and Karey Swartwout
Melissa Allison
Chris Garis
Kaley Castillo
Michaela Alston Karl and Andrea Hattman

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